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The evolution of computers

The computer is one of the greatest revelations of our times. Its advent has forever changed the way we live and the way we go about doing things. That being said, many people are misinformed about the history of the computers. Did you know that the origin of this multifaceted device was in the humble calculator?
At the gist of it, the computer is a device that takes in input, processed it, and then creates the output. It’s as simple as that. The first generation of computers were very big. They were used for the purpose of fighting the Second World War. However, they were no way near as efficient and effective as those of today. They were very robust and slow to work – but they still did their job.

The second Generation

evolution of computersAs time went on, there were newer inventions coming out in the world of computers. The second generation of computer made drastic leaps in terms of power and speed. But they were still very slow. They did their basic calculation operations and that was it. An example of the second generation of computers was the ABM 7000 series.

The third Generation

The third generations of computers were much more powerful than their predecessors. They differ from them in the sense that they used the IC circuits for operations. The IBM 360 series is a notable example of this generation of computers.

Electronics were becoming much more perfected and improved with time. This led to the advent of the fourth generation of computers. This is the very generation of computers that we use to this very day. They are very powerful computers that can do countless operations in only a fraction of a second. This makes them an indispensable piece of technology that we use on a daily basis in order t to make our lives better.
But there is another generation of computers that’s still in development. This is the so-called fifth generation of computers. The difference between them and the previous generations is that they will be able to take commands from humans. Robotic technology is also expanding on a daily basis. There are new inventions that help humans make use of the input of machines. We can only speculate as to what the future holds when it comes to computers and the computer technology.

This, in short, is the entire history of the computers. Although USA has been leading in many of the innovation a lot of Asian countries are doing remarkable good, such as South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Follow the link for Japan to learn more about the link between UK and Japan when it comes to technology. What do you personally think about it? Do you think that we are better off with the computers, or that we should have never invented them? The fact of the matter is that there are a number of bad sides that are related to frequent computer use. There are many people that use the computers for wrong purposes. They mindlessly sit and use the internet for watching entertaining videos. If you were trying to be productive – what would you use the computers for? There is a lot of space for improvement when it comes to the use of computers in our everyday lives. Regardless – we must agree on the notion that they are one of the greatest pieces of technology ever invented.