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Blade Runner 2049 – A sight to behold

Something unlikely has happened. An equally miraculous as methodically preserved secret hidden from the little that remains of humanity. A moment that disappeared over time, like tears inthe rain. But in Blade Runner’s bare, dead world there is no room for these unique moments. This devastated world refuses to accept replicas as its own and is instantly unrestrained, broken, trapped and overwhelmed daily by terrible thunder storms. Nevertheless, I feel confident in director Denis Villeneuve’s hard-knocked grip, whose dystopian vision in some ways exceeds it’s predecessor from 1982 with i’s overwhelming humanity.

Blade Runner

The cold steel that surrounds the cut-off Los Angeles city, the whining rain pouring in the evenings; and the shining neon light through the smog is in contrast with the sensation of a crispy photo paper, a lilac piano key and a dirty piece of cloth, that wakes childhood memories, in a movie that re-discovers Ridley Scott’s unforgettable film-world.

Blade Runner 2049 sores with detail

One of my favorite scenes in the movie takes place in a old abandoned casino in the middle o a radiation-infested Las Vegas.The inside of this old vintage casino in Las Vegas were shoot at the Stock Exchange Palace building in Bucharest, Liberty Square; and this makes me feel like looking for a Top New Casino is quite cozy and friendly – when you can do it at home in front of your mobile or computer.

It’s just poetic how the movie is so popular in such a sober mood, how nostalgic desire blossoms in the most unthinkable moments where the beauty of the film lies in how the film breaks down if whether or not there are people or replicas that interact with each other in the scenes; The magnitude lies in the value that the characters give each other, and their surroundings, where the least meaningless detail can be the greatest proof of how invaluable human sentimentality is.

I got tears in my eyes

What most surprised me about the movie is how simple Blade Runner 2049 is. Despite the futuristic scenario and cyberpunk technology, the film is classical in some way, similar to the old days where the cinematic storyteller was the most important pillar in a movie production. The story smells of classic, hard-boiled deck-noir, where the actors (especially Jared Leto)’s huge presence completely dominate scenes. The links to the movie classic never feel crowded or clogged as a fan service, but naturally baked into a dark, mysterious story with several layers.

Of course, I will not say too much about the action in order not to spoil the surprises, but I can say that the story is incredibly well-written and leads to such a truly powerful and phenomenal climaxthat I would lie if I claimed I did not get tears in my eyes at the end.