Children and videogames


As a parent, you need to be careful of what your child does. There is a fine balance here. On one hand, you don’t want to enable your child to do anything and everything. On the other hand, you don’t want to stifle your child either. Both of these routes can be detrimental to its development. So, how does one parent go about letting their children play videogames? Read more below.

Monitoring your child’s habits

Again, there is a balance here. You can’t just prohibit your child to play videogames, at all cost. You will need to monitor their playtime. If you think that things are getting out of hand – then intervene. On average, if your child spends more than 2-3 hours per day playing videogames – you may have a problem. You will need to be strict here. This won’t be a popular choice – it won’t bring you any points for popularity with your child. This much should be clear to you. But it’s a necessary move in order to prevent a full-blown addiction to videogames.

children videogames

Monitoring what your child plays

There are fun videogames where the main character collects coins and jumps on turtles. And then there are videogames like Postal and Manhunt. It’s all fine and well for grownups to have a chuckle while playing these games. But they are not appropriate for children. The child may be influenced in a bad way if it plays these kinds of games. As a parent, you will need to watch your child’s game-playing patterns. Of course, chances are that your child will be wary not to tell you if it’s playing these games. You will want to do some searching on its computer. See if you can uncover anything unusual. And if you do – then it’s time to intervene.

Why not suggest sports games, what might also give your children an interest of a specific sport and want to try it out in real life? There are plenty of good games, in all sports. For basketball, the NBA 2k20 is a great choice for example. Maybe your kid won’t join the National Basket League, but perhaps shooting some hoops in school will be on their mind.

Helping your child to get social

One of the potentially worst things that can come out from videogame addiction – is the lack of a social life. In fact, the lack of a social life can spark a vicious cycle. Your child may get addicted to videogames and have no social life as a result. Due to the fact that it has no social life – it will deepen its connection to videogames. And so on and so forth. You will want to help your child make friends and hang out with them.

In conclusion

If you’re careful, then your child will have a proper development into a healthy adolescent and an adult. We sincerely hope that this is what will happen.

Best secure and encrypted messaging apps 2020

It has never been more important than now to use encrypted and secure applications to send messages. There are still many who do not know why or which applications apply secure and encrypted messaging. In this article, we will go thru the basics and give advice on which applications to use.

So why do we care at all about secure and encrypted apps? Online privacy, identity theft, protect your data, paranoia but really anyone who would like to keep its conversations truly private. Almost everyone is online now and the understanding of why to keep your information secure is common knowledge. Even the old “Nothing to hide argument” is completely dead! But if you are in doubt listen to Glenn Greenwald’s why privacy matters TED talk and then come back here and download one of the following apps.

Encrypted and secure messaing apps


Telegram is one of our favourites among all the different encrypted messaging applications. It has native applications to all the major platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows, OSX and Linux. They have all this end-to-end encryption that’s needed when you want privacy but its opt-in so not turned on by default. So you need to start a secret chat to use the encryption to enjoy secure and private messaging. One more thing that’s not top-notch is that they are using its own custom MTProto encryption and that group chats are not secure at all. Cryptography experts are very critic and do not think that Telegram is that secure.


Signal is a messaging application from Open Whisper Systems. This applications also have all the major mobile and desktop native applications. All Signal software is open source and licensed under different licenses such as GPLv3 and AGPLv3. The source code can be found and studied on its GitHub repository. So this app is one of our new favourites because it is really true secure. With end-to-end encrypted group chats and messaging on default its unbelievable good. It also has regularly audited encryption and is blessed by Edward Snowden.


WhatsApp started as a startup and added end-to-end encryption to its applications in early 2016. Since its such a popular application among the whole world and that Facebook bought the company we can’t really trust them anymore. So even how many of your friends that’s on this app you need to start talking them out of it. Send them this article and the TED Talk or any good youtube video of Edward Snowden talking about why privacy matters. Do it now!


So this is just a few of all the apps that claim that they are safe, secure and encrypted. The only thing we have to say it that skip the mainstream ones and switch over to for example our favourite Signal! You will thank yourself in the future if you do it now.

Red Alert 2 – a classic RTS

There are few games that have captured the players’ imaginations like Red Alert 2. This is a classic real-time strategy (RTS) that are played to this very day. Ever since it came out, it attracted new players by the thousands. There has been a lot of additions and news to the games. For example, many new MMO games in 2020 get influenced by Red Alert 2. It has a faithful following nowadays, too, around 20 years later. What makes this game so great?

The campaigns

You will be able to play though the campaigns of the Allied faction and the Soviet faction. One of the best parts about the game is the cut scenes. True, they are a bit overacted by the actors. You have to remember that this is a game for teenagers, not grownups. But it’s this ludicrous overacting that gives the game that much more charm. Back when we were teenagers, we took the game very seriously. There were grownups – the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union – and they were waging war against one another. Today we can all laugh at the way it was executed. But still, it holds huge nostalgic value for us.

The gameplay

red alert 2This is a real time strategy at its finest. You will build up your own base and start building various units. The voice acting is phenomenal and highly individualized for different units. There are even special units – like special agent Tanya, Yuri, and Boris. And one of the best things about the gameplay is the special weapons. They add that sudden death effect where the tables can turn very quickly for the players. There is a nuclear missile silo, a weather control machine, and, in Yuri’s Revenge – the psychic dominator. Then there are the chronosphere, the iron curtain, and the genetic mutator.

It’s a joy to behold to play a skirmish against bot – or against real players. The game is highly volatile. You can go for fast attacks or boom up your base first. The importance of the economy is never to be understated. There’s even the option to do naval battles, with aircraft carriers and submarines. It’s truly an outstanding game that the fans of the real time strategies will enjoy.

In conclusion

Red Alert 2 and its expansion, Yuri’s Revenge, are two of the best entries in the field of real time strategies. We hope that you will get the chance to play them yourself and that you will enjoy doing so.

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Where to get the best gaming experience!

Getting a great gaming experience is as important as getting to play the game itself. If you are an avid game player, you want to be sure that wherever you sign up, you are going to get premium and topnotch services. Looking for where to find the best gaming experience, do read on!

It promises to be dissatisfying acquiring a gaming laptop without those exciting features. I mean where is the fun? So, so for an awesome gaming experience be sure to get one with high resolution enhancing video cards, quality graphic cards that will hasten your gaming upgrade when necessary.gaming experience online

Great computers to play at

You should never hesitate to get a superior quality six GHz capacity CPU. For maximum game support you will equally need a RAM size of 4GB and a good hard drive.
We emphasize that a good computer gaming is largely dependent on a near-perfect hard drive. It doesn’t matter how many people still troop to purchase a cheap hard drive, it does not erase the fact that a good quality hard drive makes faster the loading of your favorite games.

Nothing beats the fantastic screen from the Acer XG270HU & ASUS VS248H Full HD LED monitor.
For gaming lovers, your delight is steading evolving with the coming of the popular series like command & conquer, Age of the empires, you will get see samurais and the rest of them dark age warriors. The is also supreme commander, the spectacular features of this games is the ability to have an aerial view of 180 the StarCraft computer game with multiple players and more than 70 missions to complete. The idea of this games it to create a sense pf urgency in the players, which is equally needful in real life situations.

For IT savvy’s and prospects, you need to acquire a lot related skills to stay relevant. Skills in routing, switching, hardware, software and networking. And knowledge of RAM, ROM, security, operating system, power supplies, drives and devices and many other.


You need to constantly update your knowledge as the world of IT is on a constant evolve, to become professional. Computers are one of the world’s most essential devices as it aids the quick and easy processing of information. Since its initial innovation, it has undergone series of improvement from the first generation of humble calculator through the second, third, fourth generation of the smart technology we carry in our hands. For poker lovers, be sure you are oriented with the tips for safe gambling like, the age consideration, avenues for complaint and more.

The destination for Sports & Games

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  • To ensure that nothing delays the uploading of your favorite computer games, we give the best hard drive. We also make available latest and hot games like: Command & Conquer, The Age of Empire; one of the most visually appealing is the Supreme Commander. Also in our collection of games, is the StarCraft 11.
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What To Look For In A Gaming Computer

When purchasing a new laptop computer specifically for gaming it is important to look out for certain things. While many computers are ideal for playing games others are not and it pays to know which is which.

The first important thing to look at when shopping for a gaming computer is a good video card. Without one, most of today’s newer games won’t run at all. The better quality a video card is the better the graphics will look. The best cards support high resolution, something extremely important when it comes to playing games. Though it is impossible to know which video card is the best just by looking at them, user reviews will reveal whether or not a specific card is the ideal choice.

Graphics card on a Gaming Computer

A more important aspect of a good gaming computer is its graphics card. This can make or break the experience for some players. The most serious computer game players prefer the fastest graphics cards they can get their hands on. A new graphics card is the part players are most likely to purchase when trying to upgrade a gaming computer.

The second most important thing to look for is a quality CPU. Anything with six GHz is usually the best choice for gaming. Lower numbers will lead to a less satisfying gaming experience for players. When it comes to the best CPUs the lower its price the better, as highly priced CPUs aren’t proven to make a significant difference in the gaming experience.

A gaming computer should also have a RAM of at least 4GB, as any less than that is likely too small to support today’s elaborate computer games. Today’s game developers ensure that their products don’t require as much memory as games did in the past.

The hard drive of the computer

Something else to consider is the hard drive of the computer. The better a hard drive is the faster any game will load. However, some players would rather purchase a cheaper hard drive even if loading their favourite games does take longer. What is more important when considering hard drives is that the one a player chooses is able to store all of the games they want to use.

gaming computerOther considerations include the size of the laptop. For players who confine their gaming to at home, the size doesn’t really matter but those who want to take it with them are best off getting one between 13 and 15 inches. However, these computers have a smaller CPU because it is all that they can support.

No two people will look for the exact same things when purchasing a gaming computer. Individual preferences play a huge part in the process. However, the basics should all be considered when shopping for a computer that will be used for gaming. There are many choices on the market today and players should spend some time reading reviews online before deciding which laptop is the best choice for them. Feedback from other player is often the most valuable resource.

The Best Real Time Strategy Computer Games

Today’s players demand more in a computer game than previous generations ever did. That being said, there are some excellent real time strategy games that players just can’t get enough of in 2018.

Far from a new release, Command & Conquer is a series of games that have become popular this year. It’s versatile enough for one player to enjoy it alone but also supports multi-player gaming action. The goal of the game is for players to successfully collect resources while also constructing defence structures and training their units to prepare for battle. This highly rated game has stood the test of time since its release.

Another popular series of computer games is The Age of Empires. The third in the series of games has been praised for its choice of fourteen empires as well as for its historical accuracy. The game includes countries that really exist, something most other games can’t claim. Players can use samurais based on real life people, making Age of Empires a more out-of-the-box game than their competitors. The game begins with players fighting their way through the dark ages, requiring them to perform research on various technologies and their development. Players then get to open routes for trading, making the game even more relatable to real life. They then have the opportunity to build an Army and send it into Asia and Europe to take over certain parts of both countries. This slow paced game is perfect for players looking for an ongoing adventure.

Good-looking strategy computer games

One of the more visually appealing real time strategy computer games is Supreme Commander. The spatial abilities of the game mean that players can get an aerial view at 180 degrees, a feat not every computer game can achieve. This game is a very intense experience that is not ideal for every player. It is a fast-paced game in which players shield their armoured command unit all while creating armies and racing to acquire needed resources. Players are faced with decisions about looking for new troop members to train and learning more about the latest technologies that may be able to help them in their battle.

strategy computer gamesAn intense computer game that has become popular is Company of Heroes. Set during the days of World War II, it does much to capture the history of that period in time. While it is extremely realistic it is also an easier strategy game than most others.

After the success of the StarCraft computer game, released in 1998, StarCraft II is a one player or multiplayer game with more than 70 missions to be completed. Players have three campaigns to choose from and can even choose to try arcade modes created by others. This fast-paced game is designed to be one that leaves players with a sense of urgency to complete its missions.

These are just some of the best real time strategy computer games on the market today. They are all suitable for general audiences.

How To Launch An IT Career

Launching a career in IT can seem like an overwhelming task. However, there are several easy things one can do to launch his or her career. Following certain steps is all it takes to make it happen.

The first thing to do in any case is to set a specific career goal. Knowing what the desired final outcome is, makes the whole process less stressful. With a career goal set the rest of the steps become easier to manage.

It is also important to participate in IT related forums and blogs. This is a great way to start meeting people that already work in the field and also to get a better idea of the career opportunities available in it. We would also say that if this isn’t something that you are already doing, maybe your heart isn’t in the right place. As an example: except being interested in IT, we also follow football all over the world. This is why we almost on a daily bases visit sites as to see the latest news for our favourite Latvian football team. Nerdy, it might sound, but if your heart isn’t there, maybe you should look in another direction.

When searching for a way to start an IT career it is important to recognize phrases that signify an entry-level position. These phrases include At-home or In-store technician, End User and Desktop support. Any other position is going to be higher than entry-level and not ideal for starting out with.

Choosing one primary source of training is the best way to go about getting an IT position. Sticking with one program allows the learning process to proceed in a consistent and smooth manner.

Necessary skills for an IT career

The necessary skills for an IT career include routing and switching, hardware and software, and networking. These are skills that must not only be learned but perfected in order to succeed in the industry. Specific hardware and skills needed include knowledge of RAM, ROM, security, operating systems, power supplies, drives and devices, CPUs, processors and troubleshooting.

Networking skills that must be learned include remote and wireless connections, TCP/IP, the basics of Ethernet, IP addressing and topology. When it comes to routing and switching it is necessary to be familiar with LAN devices, security for routers, translation of network addresses, static and dynamic IT routing and much more.

How To Launch An IT CareerHaving knowledge and skills is important when starting an IT career, but so is networking. Trade shows are an excellent place to meet IT workers and build a network that can lead to employment sooner rather than later. Both personal and professional relationships can help in building a career.

Throughout an IT career certifications constantly need to be learned and updated. While many people have knowledge of IT topics not all of them are certified. However, employers take job candidates more seriously if they have all the necessary certifications to succeed in the industry.

Unpaid internships are one of the best ways to build an IT career. This allows for the opportunity for one’s potential to be recognized. It also helps them gain the necessary experience that makes it easier to compete for jobs in the future.

There are so many aspects that go into making a successful career in IT or any other industry. The right combination of technical and social skills is an excellent start. Launching an IT career takes a lot of work but can be worth it in the long run.

Video games and the brain

Gaming is a very popular hobby that millions of people indulge in. If you’re a gamer, then you know just how fun and exciting can gaming really be. But there are also studies that are being done on how gaming influences the brain of a person. You may be surprised to learn that the video games can influence your brain in many different ways. This article will share with you some information on this subject.

The first way in which video games influence the brain is by increasing our attention spans. It’s very easy to make a logical assumption on why this is the case. You will need to be fully focused on the gameplay if you are to succeed in your objective. And many video games offer hectic gameplay where you will need to keep track of multiple elements on the screen and beyond it. It takes a lot of focused attention for you to be successful in some of these games. So, it’s safe to assume that the brain regions that govern your attention will get a killer workout in the process of gaming.

Some studies also show that gaming also influences the parts of the brain related to visuospatial skills. Again – you will need to be aware of what you’re seeing and how it relates to your point of view while gaming. There are studies done on this and the gamers that played difficult games showed a big increase in these regions of the brain.

The down sides

video games and the brainBut not everything is good when it comes to the influence of gaming on the brain. Chances are that you know of the phenomenon of video game addiction. Perhaps you’re suffering from it yourself. There are certain people that are predisposed to video game addiction. There are changes that happen in the neural pathways in the brain that govern pleasure. Gaming can put a strain on our dopamine receptors and cause havoc in how we behave.

Older people may have to work hard in order to prevent age-related decline of their brain skills. But did you know that a bit of gaming has been shown to have a big influence on this? If you play a few challenging video games now and then, then you will be able to stave off this decline. This is one of the main reasons as to why gaming is recommended to old people.

Video games & the Brain – In conclusion

So, it goes without saying that gaming can have a profound influence on your mind no matter who you are. The more you play – the bigger the effects will be. But it’s not really healthy to think of the brain benefits when gaming. If you to play video games – then you should play them for their own sake. Not for some purported brain benefits that may or may not have a firm basis in reality. That being said, video games are very fun to play and we hope that you will have a lot of fun while improving your brain. Just be careful not to get addicted to them.

The evolution of computers

The computer is one of the greatest revelations of our times. Its advent has forever changed the way we live and the way we go about doing things. That being said, many people are misinformed about the history of the computers. Did you know that the origin of this multifaceted device was in the humble calculator?
At the gist of it, the computer is a device that takes in input, processed it, and then creates the output. It’s as simple as that. The first generation of computers were very big. They were used for the purpose of fighting the Second World War. However, they were no way near as efficient and effective as those of today. They were very robust and slow to work – but they still did their job.

The second Generation

evolution of computersAs time went on, there were newer inventions coming out in the world of computers. The second generation of computer made drastic leaps in terms of power and speed. But they were still very slow. They did their basic calculation operations and that was it. An example of the second generation of computers was the ABM 7000 series.

The third Generation

The third generations of computers were much more powerful than their predecessors. They differ from them in the sense that they used the IC circuits for operations. The IBM 360 series is a notable example of this generation of computers.

Electronics were becoming much more perfected and improved with time. This led to the advent of the fourth generation of computers. This is the very generation of computers that we use to this very day. They are very powerful computers that can do countless operations in only a fraction of a second. This makes them an indispensable piece of technology that we use on a daily basis in order t to make our lives better.
But there is another generation of computers that’s still in development. This is the so-called fifth generation of computers. The difference between them and the previous generations is that they will be able to take commands from humans. Robotic technology is also expanding on a daily basis. There are new inventions that help humans make use of the input of machines. We can only speculate as to what the future holds when it comes to computers and the computer technology.

This, in short, is the entire history of the computers. Although USA has been leading in many of the innovation a lot of Asian countries are doing remarkable good, such as South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Follow the link for Japan to learn more about the link between UK and Japan when it comes to technology. What do you personally think about it? Do you think that we are better off with the computers, or that we should have never invented them? The fact of the matter is that there are a number of bad sides that are related to frequent computer use. There are many people that use the computers for wrong purposes. They mindlessly sit and use the internet for watching entertaining videos. If you were trying to be productive – what would you use the computers for? There is a lot of space for improvement when it comes to the use of computers in our everyday lives. Regardless – we must agree on the notion that they are one of the greatest pieces of technology ever invented.